XPUNGED - Seeking an expungement or seal in Illinois? Expunge your criminal record today, with help from The Law Firm of Illinois Expungement Attorney Tamara N. Holder, LLC.  Defense attorney Tamara Holder proudly serves Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding metropolitan area.
The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC

We believe in rehabilitation.
We believe that your past mistake should not define your future.

We are a boutique firm focusing on pardons & clemency (in all states).
We also expunge & seal arrests/convictions (in Illinois).

About Tamara Holder:

  • Tamara recently moved from Chicago to NYC, where she also works as a legal/political analyst on the Fox News Channel (in addition to her legal work).
  • Tamara has filed approximately 100 petitions for clemency/pardon. Her clients have received pardons for various crimes.
  • Tamara has filed over 1,000 petitions to expunge/seal. She has reviewed thousands of criminal records over the course of 8 years.
  • Tamara understands how to properly write, prepare and present a clemency/pardon petition.
  • Tamara has a strong background in criminal defense (she’s won cases ranging from murder to possession of drugs) which she feels is important to the overall development of a petition.

How to contact Tamara:

If you are interested in obtaining information about your situation or you would like to retain Tamara, please fill out the form on this page and provide as much information as possible. Tamara will personally respond to you via email.

A brief understanding of pardons, clemency, expungement and sealing:

  • In Illinois, the law allows certain crimes to be expunged (destroyed) or sealed from public view. The process is completed through the court and the judge.
  • All states allow a person to seek a pardon/clemency. It a formal request for forgiveness of a crime (usually a felony) that the law does not allow to be expunged or sealed. The request is submitted in the form of a very detailed, written petition, and sent to the governor, the President, and/or an advisory board. It requires convincing documentation that you are a good candidate for a pardon. (Please visit our blog for more information.)

Thank you for your interest & we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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