XPUNGED - Seeking an expungement or seal in Illinois? Expunge your criminal record today, with help from The Law Firm of Illinois Expungement Attorney Tamara N. Holder, LLC.  Defense attorney Tamara Holder proudly serves Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding metropolitan area. The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC
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About The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC

Tamara N. Holder

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We believe in rehabilitation and that most people deserve a second chance — that’s why we want to help you clear your criminal record so you can achieve all of your goals.

Tamara N. Holder is an Illinois-licensed attorney, as well as a TV legal/political contributor for FOX News Channel.

At our firm, we focus on clearing criminal records by filing petitions to Expunge/Seal with the courts or filing petitions for Clemency/Pardon with the President and Governors.

For 9 years, our team has successfully expunged and sealed hundreds criminal records throughout the State of Illinois.

We have also filed approximately 150 petitions for clemency, pardon and commutation of sentence. Attorney Holder has argued every petition before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board.  We have received pardons for a variety of felony offenses. Our client, who was dying in prison, received Governor Quinn’s first emergency commutation of sentence. She was able to spend her final months of life with her family.

We also practice criminal defense. Attorney Tamara Holder has won criminal cases and negotiated pleas in both misdemeanor and felony crimes, ranging from DUI’s to murder.  Other practice areas include: discrimination, police brutality, and personal injury.

Through her work, Tamara has seen how a criminal record can be a permanent barrier to jobs and education. A criminal record can be a forever lasting stigma. She was the first in the country to expose the railroad industry’s improper employment practices toward those with criminal records. She spearheaded a Congressional inquiry and a hearing before the Congressional Committee of Homeland Security and also testified as an expert witness before the Congressional Committee of Transportation, Sub-Committee of Maritime and Infrastructure. Her testimony was crucial to preventing passage of an invasive, anti-worker, anti-business piece of legislation.

Attorney Holder created a pro bono expungement clinic at Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s The Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters in Chicago that provided free legal advice and educated the public about the importance of clearing their criminal background.

Attorney Holder has met with Illinois Governors Pat Quinn and Rod Blagojevich on the issue of pardons. She has met with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on criminal sentencing and expungement laws. She has worked with many local and national political leaders, such as Congressmen John Conyers and Bennie Thompson, on the issue of employment for those with criminal records.

She has written  for US News & World Report, FoxNews.com, The Huffington Post and The Daily Caller. She is co-founder of a popular website SportsCourtMedia.com that analyzes legal issues in sports.

Attorney Holder sits on several advisory boards: Women of Power (an organization that helps women overcome incarceration and abuse), Horizon Prison Ministries (a organization that builds faith and character-based residential programs in prisons), and Leo High School (an all-male, college-prep Catholic school in Chicago with a 100% graduation rate).

For more information on Tamara, please visit her personal site at TheHolderPosition. You can also follow Tamara on twitter: www.twitter.com/tamaraholder.

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